Using THC In Alcohol

Strong Alcohol is perfect for dissolving THC, our personal favourite is Smirnoff Black. To prepare THC in Alcohol you will need the following;


1 – 2 oz of Cannabis Leaf

1L of Smirnoff Black

A Funnel

A microwave safe bowl

Mesh (Cheesecloth)

Instructions for preparing THC In Alcohol;

Pour the Smirnoff Black into the microwave safe bowl and cover with clingfilm and place in the microwave on a medium temperature for about 2 minutes. Make sure you keep checking the bowl because you can’t allow the alcohol to boil. (Boiling alcohol is very, very BAD)

Remove bowl from microwave, remove clingfilm and add the cannabis leaf, stir vigorously, recover with clingfilm. (This will absolutely stink so make sure you have an extractor fan on!) Leave on your kitchen worktop and stir occasional until cool. (The longer you leave the leaves in the alcohol the more THC will be absorbed)

Get the Smirnoff bottle and place the funnel at the top of it, cover the funnel in the mesh (cheesecloth) and slowly pour the contents of the bowl into the funnel.

The end result should look like urine but if you want to add a bit of colour too it add a few drops of green food dye!

Warning: ingesting alcohol and thc at the same time will have very strong effects, if you have never tried it before be careful and take it slowly, you wouldn’t want to whitey now would you?